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Four shores

12 Songs 2005
Thunder Without Rain 1. Thunder Without Rain Lyrics

Thunder Without Rain


Tin Drums 2. Tin Drums Lyrics

Tin Drums


Lonely Feeling (To Be Lonely) 3. Lonely Feeling (To Be Lonely) Lyrics

Lonely Feeling (To Be Lonely)


One Thing 4. One Thing Lyrics

One Thing


Sunday Morning 5. Sunday Morning Lyrics

Sunday Morning


French Cartoon 6. French Cartoon Lyrics

French Cartoon


Digitally Bright 7. Digitally Bright Lyrics

Digitally Bright


When Nighlife Covers The Daylight 8. When Nighlife Covers The Daylight Lyrics

When Nighlife Covers The Daylight


Sunrise (Deep In Hell) 9. Sunrise (Deep In Hell) Lyrics

Sunrise (Deep In Hell)


Leavin' To L.A. 10. Leavin' To L.A. Lyrics

Leavin' To L.A.


Ветер 11. Ветер Lyrics


Ты не один 12. Ты не один Lyrics

Ты не один