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28 April, 2017

BrainStorm will play at Atlas Weekend Festival

BrainStorm will be playing at the Atlas Weekend Festival that will take place from June 28th till July 2nd 2017 at VDNH, Kyiv, Ukraine. Atlas Weekend is the biggest music festival in Ukraine.  This year it’s going to be the biggest in its history: 6 day stages and 2 night stages. There will a various number of different activities at the festival as well!

Besides BrainStorm other announced names are: The Prodigy, John Newman, Three Days Grace, Ivan Dorn, The Hardkiss, Boombox, Therr Maitz, Monatik, Pianoboy, Bondage Fairies, Kadnay, Mujuice (electronic live set), Dakh Daughters, Yarmak, Vivienne Mort, Sophie Villy, Detach, Stoned Jesus and more than 200 other artists.

BrainStorm will be on stage on 30th of June.

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